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Magical Song File Convert Girl

Auralie Treblemaker!

Magically transforms your Rhythm Core Alpha 2 save files into MP3 format audio files!

Happy Holidays to all of our musical friends! We are proud to being you the first of our Treblemaker family: Auralie!
The Treblemakers have been granted magical powers to help you do things with your music that Rhythm Core Alpha 2 alone cannot do.
In this case, Auralie has the power to transform your song files into MP3 format audio files that you can listen to on many popular music players!
She is still quite inexperienced, but as her training progresses, she will become even more powerful!
We will also be introducing other members of the Treblemaker family in the future! Who could be waiting in the wings?

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  1. Load your song in "Rhythm Core Alpha 2".
  2. Make sure you have built a pattern with that contains all of your loop blocks in the order that you want them to be played.
  3. Make sure "Pattern Step" (PAT.STEP) is set to 0, and "Pattern Run" (PAT.RUN) is set to "ON".
  4. In "Rhythm Core Alpha 2", use the stylus to select the "File" menu at the bottom right of the screen.
  5. Select "Export Binary to SD" or "Save Binary to SD" from the menu. It is the 6th item from the top.
  6. Select a number for your save file and tap "Yes" to write the file to the SD card. Note that it will not check if you already have a file with that number, so if you want to save multiple files, be sure to choose different numbers!
  7. Once the file has exported, remove the SD card from the side of your system and insert it in your SD card reader on your computer.
  8. From 3DS or DSi memory card slot  to USB Memory Card Reader attached to your PC  or Internal memory card reader.
  9. Open the card on your computer and go to the folder "private/ds/app".Look in each folder at this location until you find the one that has a folder called "RCaBin". That is where your saved file is. Open that folder
  10. Find the files on the SD card in your PC file structure to RCa files in directory
  11. Tap the "Browse..." button just below this text and select the file that you just found in the location you determined above.
  12. When the file is displayed in the windows next to the "Browse..." button, tap the "Upload Song" button below.

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If you find this free tool to be useful, won't you consider donating to our development fund?