Rhythm Core Alpha 2™ Videos

Rhythm Core Alpha 2™ – 30 Second TV spot by VJ Tim Abad – Music by Lucky Button Pusher!

Rhythm Core Alpha 2™ – Official Video! “Color Contraption” by Lucky Button Pusher!

Rhythm Core Alpha 2™ – Official Video! “How to do it! 8-Bit Worker” by Lucky Button Pusher!


Rhythm Core Alpha 2™ – Official Video! “Live Demonstration at LA County Science Fair Mini Maker Faire”


“Mario Airlines” by Dubmood as covered by Jonocade


Starlight by KLR

KLR has a whole album of songs done with Rhythm Core Alpha 2! Great stuff! YouTube channel is here (may also include non Rhythm Core Alpha works… I don’t control their channel…)
“Backup” by Sonari


Beat 9 RMXD by Sonari


“The Flute Chill Symphony” by Sonari


“So Wrong” by Timon Marmex.


Rhythm Core Alpha™ (original version) Videos

Rhythm Core Alpha™ - Europe, United Kingdom, and Australia version demo:


The official Rhythm Core Alpha™ demo! Finally, you can see Rhythm Core Alpha™ in action. This video will show you HOW TO DO IT!


 Tin Foil Robot by Lucky Button Pusher (using the European version of Rhythm Core Alpha)


Rhythm Core Alpha™ User-created Video from Europe: Square Head


Greetings to Japan by Lucky Button Pusher


Lo-fi Johnny by Lucky Button Pusher

Live videos

Timon Marmex at 23b Shop’s “Sparkle Con” with visuals by VJ Tim Abad


Timon Marmex does a couple of songs at 8BitSF! Thanks to La Vie en Photos for the video!



Here are some of the videos of Timon Marmex playing Rhythm Core Alpha 2 at the Namco / Bandai / Shiftylook stage at San Diego Comic-Con!

(They deleted the better versions, but we had one file we could put back. That was it.)


Timon Marmex at All Different Colors, August 31st, 2012 with the preview of Rhythm Core Alpha 2™.


“3 of 5″ performs at title="3 of 5 at Free Comic Book Day performing with Rhythm Core Alpha! at Free Comic Book Day in Saint Louis:


“3 of 5″ Covers Bowie


Interview with “The Nerdery” at Loscon 2011


A live demo at Pasadena Rock ‘n Comic Con:


Our first improvised live performance at Kulak’s Woodshed:
(It seems kind of embarrassing now, but it was the first time it had been played in public, anywhere. There wasn’t even a save feature yet! Everything is improvised!)